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Hotel Software Automate your hotel operations

Booking Engine Direct bookings from your hotel website

Channel Manager One-stop inventory distribution system

Restaurant POS Manage your F&B business operations

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Why should you go for eZee hotel software?

The best hotel management software in India from eZee empowers you with streamlined and efficient operations along with a profitable business. We are among those hospitality software companies in India that provide top-notch solutions as well as customer-centric services.

GST-ready hotel software

eZee Absolute helps you in handling your GST operations (billing and tax returns) seamlessly without having to maintain separate sales and purchase records.

eInvoicing compliant hotel PMS

Our hotel management system is eInvoicing compliant, which means that you will be able to generate and manage your eInvoices directly from the system.

Centralised control on all your operations

Be it front office, housekeeping, guest engagement or any other important hotel management task, get a centralised control on everything with our hotel management software.

One fully-integrated hotel system. One login.

The hotel software system connected with a booking engine and channel manager acts as one system, requiring only a single login to access any operation.

Real-time inventory and rate updates

Channel manager being seamlessly connected with our online hotel management software, you can manage live inventory and rates on all your connected channels from anywhere.

Direct bookings to multiply your revenue

Our cloud hotel management system helps you in receiving unlimited direct bookings right from your hotel website through an integrated booking engine.

Efficient revenue management system

Maximise your revenue through flexible pricing and yield management using our hotel property management software. Its detailed insights help you with strategic business decisions.

Streamlined meal plans and packages

With eZee’s hotel software, you can easily configure various rate plans and meal plans that you offer. With respect to which, you can also set up and sell those combined rate plans as packages.

Guest self-service portal for enhanced services

You can impart personalised guest experience easily with this hotel guest management system by offering them self check-in services, request for services, note their preferences etc.

Multilingual and multi-currency support

Your guests can access your booking engine and get receipts in their preferred language while paying in their preferred currency using the cloud hotel management system.

Email marketing to improve guest engagement

With our online hotel management system, schedule and send pre-arrival, in-house and post departure emails. You can even send them your exciting deals and packages.

Error-free folio operations

This cloud hotel software will easily help you to merge folios, route folios, split folios, transfer folios and every other such folio management operation very accurately.

Provide contactless services to guests with eZee

Our cloud-based hotel technology helps you provide end-to-end contactless services to guests without manual interventions. This will boost your guest’s confidence and enable you to serve your guests seamlessly in the post pandemic era.

Hotel PMS mobile app

The best hotel management software in India brings along a comprehensive and easy-to-use hotel PMS mobile application to help you run your business on-the-go. This helps you focus on providing a better guest experience and take well-informed decisions.


Third-party integrations to strengthen your hotel management

The only hotel software in India that has got you covered with maximum third-party integrations.

Why is eZee the #1 choice of hoteliers in India?

eZee has all the features that I require to run my hotel and I am really impressed with its hotel app. I can access my system even while I am traveling.

Leela Cottages

I would highly recommend you to use eZee’s software and also its restaurant POS! We have grown from 30 rooms inventory to 158 and I believe this is the #1 hotel software in India.

Amara Hotels and Resorts

The hotel software is really handy and the best in India. I can see my property details whenever I am traveling, which helps me look after my business at all times.

Yorkshire Hotels and Resorts

Incorporating the features that hostels need, eZee has been supportive in all of those things. Best hotel PMS software in India.

Deep Banka, Online Sales Manager at Zostel, PAN India.


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